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User Interface Study Findings

Regarding Custom Styles, Dark Modes, and Night Light

In my time contributing to elementary and GNOME, I’ve become familiar with pleas from users to implement official support for arbitrary themes — while that itself is a large and controversial topic, I have been working over the past few years to...

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Juno Updates for April, 2019

New settings, redesigned dialogs, smashed bugs, and more

Developer Tips: GitHub Workflow

Best practices to make development faster and easier

Juno Updates for March, 2019

While we made a pretty big announcement on April 1, March wasn’t without its own hard work

elementary AppCenter + Flatpak

Preparing for the future

Parental Controls & Metered Data Hackfest

Working with GNOME on shared features

A New Native File Chooser

And how you can get your apps ready for it